Evaluation des élèves en anglais : sur vingt-huit élèves ayant passé le test initial en 2015 et le test final en 2017, vingt-trois ont amélioré leur niveau. Cinq sont restés au même niveau.
Les résultats chiffrés sur les deux années scolaires ne sont pas probants.



Questionnaire initial - Students


November 2015

28 students


1. What are your activities in the project?

Communicate on eTwinning16 Participate in the video-dictionary 5

Communicate on the Facebook group 7 Create the logo 9

Visit your own website and blogs11 Work on products 5

Visit the partners’ websites ads blogs 10 Prepare activities for partners 19

Others: discover other traditions and cultures, writing a tale, singing the European anthem


2. What do you know about other countries?

Lithuania: eastern Europe, cold, capital city Vilnius

Germany capital city Berlin, Angela Merkel, beautiful, the flag, Schnitzel, WWII

Poland cold climate, Eastern Europe, capital city Varsow, concentration camp during WWII, very religious people

3.  What could be improved in this project?

Having more partners, having more activities at school related to the Polish, German and Lithuanian cultures, having more pupils to travel, knowing our partner earlier


4. What benefits do you expect from the project?

Communication in foreign languages 28 Discovering other countries 25

Atmosphere of work at home12 Atmosphere of work during mobilities 11

Opening on other cultures25 Tolerance 14

Other: meeting new people, sharing the life of a foreigner, working in a warm atmosphere, talking more in English, traveling



Final questionnaire - Students

June 2017

25 students


1. What were your activities in the project?

Communicate on eTwinning4 Participate in the video-dictionary 6

Communicate on the Facebook group 5 Create the logo 6

Visit your own website and blogs2 Work on products  17

Visit the partners’ websites ads blogs 5 Prepare activities for partners 20

Others: travel to Poland, Germany, tales, reading the tale in Poland, orienteering, cooking,models


2. What do you know about other countries?


  • The culture is different but interesting.
  • The capital city is Vilnius.
  • There are lots of big lakes and forests.
  • They don’t drink much water but rather juices.


  • The capital city is Berlin.
  • They don’t have the same school system.
  • It’s a beautiful country. People are welcoming and open-minded. They drive very fast.
  • They are a lot of freedoms and are advanced regarding new technologies.
  • French and German people don’t eat at the same time.
  • They don’t study like French people, the school schedule is different.
  • They don’t kiss to say hello.


  • The capital city is Warsaw.
  • They eat all the time.
  • Food, traditions, culture, architecture are different.
  • Krakow is a beautiful city.
  • They are deep believers. Religious objects are everywhere.
  • People are open-minded, welcoming and funny.



3.  What could be improved in this project?

  • Nothing 7
  • Doing activities about the European countries 2
  • The time on the activities was too short
  • Talking about the Lithuanian, German and Polish cultures to the people who couldn’t travel
  • Doing more manual and artistic activities
  • The communication between pupils from the three countries
  • People should have dared talking in English more  2


4. What benefits did you get from the project?

Communication in foreign languages 22 Discovering other countries 16

Atmosphere of work at home2 Atmosphere of work during mobilities 4

Opening on other cultures18 Tolerance 13

Other: having foreign friends, a long trip


5. Do you have any comments?

  • Thank you so much for the trip. It was awesome. I loved meeting foreign people.
  • This project was great! For the pupils who traveled, it was a great opportunity to go and discover Poland. I will never have the opportunity to go back again. Thank you to our teachers!
  • The trip to Germany was amazing. It was a great experience, thank you! I learnt a lot upon life!
  • Thank you for everything you did for us!
  • I enjoyed participating in this project and I would have loved to continue next year.
  • I loved doing the orienteering with our partners when they came to France and I really enjoyed communicating with them.
  • I loved participating in the Erasmus activities, we had many choices.
  • Thank you for the great project. I met good people and discover other countries and many different lifestyles. Thank you so much!  2
  • It was such a great experience. I loved working on this project.  5
  • I couldn’t do all the activities that I would have liked because I do many other activities after school.