A Londres / In London
Day 1: Monday, April 13th 
We went to London on April 13th with 59 pupils and 6 teachers. We met the group at 1:30 am and drove to London. 
We took the Eurotunnel to cross the Channel. We arrived in London at 8 pm and met our host families. 
Day 2: Tuesday, April 14th 
At 8 am, we took the bus to go to London. What a beautiful city ! In the morning, we visited Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. The weather was very nice. We had a picnic in St James’ park. In the afternoon, we took a boat to go to Tower Bridge. Then, we visited Covent Garden. 
Day 3: Wednesday, April 15th 
At 8 am, we took the bus to go the Science Museum. After that we went to Regent's Park to have a picnic next to river and under the trees. The weather was beautiful ! 
At 1 pm we walked to go to Mme Tussauds and visited the museum in groups of 2 or 3 people. We took a lot of funny pictures with the statues ! 
After that, we went back to Regent's Park to chill. In the evening, we joined our host families to spend the night. 

                                                                                                                                  Lola Sabathé 
Day 4: Thursday, April 16th 
This is the last day, we said goodbye to families in the morning.  
Then, we went to the British Museum. We visited the most important rooms in the museum and answered a quizz. We saw sarcophagi, sculptures, and the Rosetta Stone. It is very famous because it was used to decipher the hieroglyphs.  
After lunch, we went to Carnaby Street to do a scavenger hunt in the streets.  
We also interviewed people.  
After, the best time for girls has arrived... SHOPPING ! We walked to Piccadily Circus and bought souvenirs or clothes.  
In the evening, we went to see the famous musical Billy Elliott in a nice theatre.  
There were many people and the show was very impressive. The children were very good dancers!  
At 10 p.m, we got on the bus to go back to France 
Day 5: Wednesday, April 17th 
We took the boat at midnight. It was funny ! Playing games at night with our friends and teachers ! 
But some people were sick ...  
We arrived in France at 5 a.m.  
The ride was very long ... But we watched movies , played games ...  
Teachers also sang a song for us and we had presents.  
We arrived at 8 p.m.  
The trip was too short. It's sad... But the best things always have to end.  
And we met our families with lots of memories to tell !

                                                                                                                                      Kenza Lemkadmi