The forest of the Landes



There are two types of danger in forest: there are dangers affecting human beings and dangers affecting the forest. The forest warden is a member of ONF (Forests National Office). A part of the Landes is an artificial forest created by human beings, it is the biggest forest in Europe, and this is a place of production of renewable primary material.



The dangers in the forest

The dangers for human beings

•The insects





The dangers for the forest

• Weather (fire, storm)  

• The insects

• The human beings

• Pollution


Origins of the forest of the Landes.



The moors were a vast swamp because the basement consisted of a layer of clay (alios) covered with sand brought by the wind coming from the Atlantic Ocean. As the alios is impermeable, the water could not infiltrate in the ground, creating the marshes.

A lot of pines were then artificially planted, to remove water from the swamps, and creating the forest.




The forest guard


The forest guard deals with forest rights and tree welfare, and is part of the ONF (Forests National Office).




By Amélie, Ruben, and Martin.